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thrush hermit/plumtree


  hello all,
 this review is sort of old now but...:

  The D.I.Y. ethic is alive and well in Kitchener.
Last thursday, resident sloannetter Patrick Wilkins put together
another sucessful show. Held in a little coffee house/cafe
turned rock arena the show featured Henry (who i missed),
the Ludes (who i also sort of missed), Thrush Hermit and
headliners Plumtree.
  There was a pretty good turn out and everyone seemed really
appreciative of bands for playing there. It was really
hot in this little place even with all the windows and doors
  Thrush Hermit began their set with "North Dakota" and Joel
got out about 5 notes before he blew a fuse on his amp. 
A few quick repairs and a little on the spot jam by Ian and Rob
and the show was back on track. Thrush Hermit asked for requests
and even played one for "West Island Rockers".
About half way through the set word came down that the show
could be heard 2 blocks away and the cops were looming outside
so we closed all the windows and turned the amps down just
a hair and continued on.
  Next up...Plumtree. Even though these gals have been on the
road for about a month now they were in fine form. They
were concerned about getting their harmonies right because
there were no monitors but everything was a-okay. When they hit the 
stage there were only about 20 people left (including other
bands) to enjoy the pure pop bliss. It was a great setting,
very intimate and lots of fun.
Between this show and that Superfriendz gig in his basement,
Patrick has quite a good record. Keep up the good work, Patrick!