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"Elevator Up..." (was Re: TOronto SLoan Ticket help PLIZ)

>Now my 2 cents on all the hubbub around Sloanet:

>*I* think that Eric's Trip DID overdo the "we are so indie low-fi" bit,
>and that *I* probably would have liked them a lot better if they had
>strayed from their 3-barred-chord arrangements.

I don't think I ever felt like ET's sound was as contrived as all that.
Part of the attraction was the fact that their stuff sounded so heart felt.
I've listened to tons of mediocre "lo-fi" stuff and ET not only broke the
mold, they superglued it back together.

>*PERSONALLY*, *I* like Elevator to Hell a lot better than Eric's Trip
>just for the fact that Rick uses keyboards.  But the songs are a lot
>more interesting too ;)

I love the ETH album as well, but am sort of disappointed that Rick didn't
take a completely different direction with THIS project.  Seems like it
would have been the perfect time for it.  It basically sounds like an ET
recording, only with keyboards.  The songs still speak volumes to me and
it's nice to know I can hear Rick's patented stylings in the future.
However, it makes me wonder why ET disbanded (outside of the obvious...).