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Tara S'appart 7"

this is dreamsmith from homemade hearts records.  I need some help from
some of you out there.  Tara's test pressings have come back and they are
sounding really nice.  They should be ready for sale in about a month.  I'm
not just saying it's good because I'm selling it.  The only reason I
decided to press it was because I liked it so much.  Homemade hearts wasn't
even a record company until this came about.  I'm not a businessman really;
like most indie labels I'm just into the music, and I assume that there
have got to be others out there who like it as much as I do.  I'm not
really out to make money as much as to bring this sort of music (home
recorded, heartfelt) to a wider audience.
Being in the US makes my job doubly difficult, as there are many eric's
trip, elevator to hell, and orange glass fans who would want to give tara's
7" a try.  I really can't afford to send out flyers to all the record
stores, and then send one or two copies to each store that would want it,
because of shipping costs and stuff that would rise the prcie considerably
for those who wanted to buy it (already it might be slightly more expensive
in canada, because techncally it will be an import]).
I've been trying to think of some new DIY ways to get the music out there
to people who'd want to buy it.  And then maybe I thought there were some
other fans out there like me who want to help out deserving artists.  (is
it really fair that the tragically hip sell millions of albums while eric's
trip [who've influnced the hip as well as almost every other canadian band
since ET]  can hardly get into the black).  And maybe someone would want to
be like a sales rep or something.  But basically I'm only looking for
someone who is really into the music, and wants to help out/  'Cause I
couldn't pay or anything, but you'd get some free stuff, and stuff....
So if anyone is interested please e-mail me privately and we'll discuss it.
Because I'm not even really sure what exactly should be done, I figure if
I get some people together, we'll come up wuth some good ideas.  Ok, that's
enough. sorry to take up so much space.

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