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something sappy/happy

...for a change! :)

last week, halifax was graced by the presence of two long-time sloan net
contributors: carol "sizzleteen" nishitoba and lisa "colouring queen"
chen-wing (and her friend sarah, i don't know if she was on sloan net or
not, though). they were so super to meet and i wish they'd all come back
again. heather and i  and roderick and jim and james and katrina and i
think shant and adam all took part in the official showing off this crappy
:) city to our visitors from away ie/ letting them (ha ha) look at the
studio where smeared was recorded and all that stuff. it's too bad lisa
and sarah had to leave so early. carol and heather and rod and i all went
to see the al tuck opening set on saturday and he's at it again, playing
all new songs, all brilliant songs. that man will never lose it, he rocks.
there were quite a few local "celebs" (ha ha :) ) in attendance, so at
least halifax/birdland lived up to its mighty reputation for carol's sake.

anyway, this is so not relevant to everyone else on the list, but sort of
it is and it's at least cheery. except that we miss them all and wish they
could stay longer.

by the way, heather harkin's new issue of tally is out and it's a killer.
very sharp writing, clever interviews, and so much information. carol's
new issue of in the meantime is out and it has the best chris murphy
stories (short and stinging, baby....i wrote "stinking" the first time,
what a freudian slip!). smart kids will order their copies soon.

bye bye, grumpy bums,
tara :)