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Snootie and the Blowfish...(was Re: Eric's "formulaic" Trip?)

>I would also like to know what you mean by indie bands...your mom'n pop
local >indie band putting out stuff on their own ?  bands recording for
small labels >??Are bands on Matador and SubPop indie ? Merge ? Alias ?
Touch'n Go ? 
>murder ? derivative ? cranky ?

Don't be so nit-picky.  The word indie-pop is just a blanket statement for a
particular sound not an ideology.  No I'm not simply talking about bands on
"indie" labels (and those "not-so-indie" labels...).  I'm talking about
style and substance.  And yes, they can be on the majors.

>if so, there is a bewildering amount of diversity out there, much beyond
>the three chord pop you complain about.

And for this I'm glad...
>Do you think Blonde Redhead are formulaic ? some would say no, but I 
>would say they do more than steal a bit of the Sonic Youth 

It's not that you borrow, it's what you do with it.  

>very few "new" things out there and there are tons of different formulas, 
>more so than there are flavours at an ice cream shop...three chor pop is 
>not as pervasive as you think, and in fact, lots of indie bands out 
>there are not doing anything remotely like the three chord pop that you 
>talk about. Zumpano ? Spiny Anteaters ? wooden stars ? you just have to 
>look hard enough Genyus, and there are always people doing new things...

I'm not looking for an education in indie culture.  Trust me, I know exactly
where you're coming from.  Never said that there weren't bands doing
interesting things.  I happen to own alot of the stuff you mention and have
no grievances with it at all.  I spend alot of time searching for good new
material which is why I can smell mediocrity when it's in the air.

>I'm sure My Pet Genyus has absolutely no traceable influences...

Boy, you're snootie.  As long as there are people making music there will be
comparisons.  My Pet Genius has been compared to alot of things, some valid,
some a little questionable.  I don't mind being compared to something as
long as its something I admire.  Here's what comes to mind:

(the obvious) My Bloody Valentine
Polvo (?) - I think its just the time changes...
The Boo Radleys
an "over-driven" Ride
His Name is Alive
Mercury Rev
Beck - so we have one song that has a drum loop...

That's just a partial list.

As a band, we strive to make things different almost to the point of nervous
exhaustion.  But as they say, the proof is in the pudding.  The question is:
have you even heard our stuff?

'cos there's nothin' I can do
I only wanna be with...Geneyus.