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Re: Snootie and the Blowfish...(was Re: Eric's "formulaic" Trip?)

> I'm not looking for an education in indie culture.  Trust me, I know exactly
> where you're coming from.  Never said that there weren't bands doing
> interesting things.  I happen to own alot of the stuff you mention and have
> no grievances with it at all.  I spend alot of time searching for good new
> material which is why I can smell mediocrity when it's in the air.

Ok, but I suppose then the argument doesn't really hold, right ? I mean, 
I don't think it's all the hard to find variety out there. Sure there are 
some formulas that are tried and true...you got your ramones clones (oh, 
that rhymes) etc., but there tons of bands doing things a little different.
So sure, there is mediocrity, but hey, that's just the way the world is. 
Not everyone is brilliant, and there are a lot of average bands out 
there, but then again, a bell curve is tallest in the middle, right ?
the issue was raised that there are too many bands following some sort of 
indie blueprint, and I happen to disagree. For every band you can think 
of that follows some formula, I'm sure people could think of another one 
doing something fresh sounding. This is without even taking into consideration 
the fact that there are a ton of different blueprints bands are taking. 
You got some sonic youth clones, some pavement clones, some pixies 
clones...so even bands that have heavy influences can and are using a 
myriad of different influences. Again, the point being that three chord 
rock is not as pervasive as you think. Look at the Murder bands for a further 
example. Are any of them three chord pop bands ?  I will agree that there are 
som three chord bands out there, and it still surprises me to see how popular 
some of these have gotten, but by and large, there is a lot of diversity 
out there.

> >I'm sure My Pet Genyus has absolutely no traceable influences...
> Boy, you're snootie.  As long as there are people making music there will be
> comparisons.  My Pet Genius has been compared to alot of things, some valid,
> some a little questionable.  I don't mind being compared to something as
> long as its something I admire.  Here's what comes to mind:

actually, I must admit, I was just trying to rile you up. I happen to 
think MPG (hey, acronyms galore) are quite good. And I do have your CD. 
And I like it...If you all remember why this discussion ever got started, 
it was because some folks said that The Local Rabbits sound like 
pavement and 70's classic rock, and that they are formulaic, and I for one, 
beg to differ. I happen to think that whether misguided or not, The Local 
Rabbits are doing anything but formulaic stuff...they're doing a blues-indie 
rock hybrid that can be very refreshing...rip-off's I think they definitely 
are not. If anything that's the last thing you could accuse them of.
Their bluesy stylings don't fit into the murder catalogue, and that's 
what makes it all the more exciting. Hey, it took me a while to get into 
the Blues Explosion too, but now I find their stuff immensely gratifying.
As for the Local Rabbits, I don't necessarily like everything they do, but 
some of their stuff definitely knocks my socks off, *and* I think they are 
one of the more entertaining and exciting live bands I have seen. I think 
them and the Super Friendz make an excellent combo...