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About last night..

Whoa, I rarely ever tune into mucheast, but last night I 
flicked it on only to see Cool Blue Halo. The things they
were saying were freaking me out. I don't know if they 
did it to be funny or if they were serious, but I'll give
you some (approximate) quotes.. "It's the best of rock and 
pop.. makes for a great debut effort", "My favorite record
right now", "I'm not just tooting my own horn, people tell
me how good it is", "Infectious harmonies..", "You can 
dress it up in ripped jeans, striped shirt and bleached hair 
and call it Nirvana or a two peice suit and call it the 
beatles" it went on and on and on.. it was possibly the most
brutal interview of all time. My guess is that it was supposed 
to be funny, but it seemed a little too serious to be funny,
which is actually kinda funny..  Anyhow, the State Champs 
were on it too, they were talking about their new single coming 
out (very soon) and all things fashionable and beautiful
in the world of the State Champ. 

Bottles and cans,