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second annual toronto sloan net gathering!

hello all :)

last year we had an amazing time at a little sloan net gathering at the
furture bakery (i think it was just before edgefest 3).

anyways, we're going to be having another one. this time it'll be at the
queen st. future bakery (instead of the bloor st. one).

all sloan netters are invited! :)

it'll be on friday august 30th at 1:00 pm. you don't need to RSVP but if you
want detailed directions just email me or sizzleteen (sizzle_teen\!/tvo.org)
and we'll be happy to help. 

bring gossip, zines, cool stuff and yourself! (hey, that was cheesy!).

come down for the gathering and then stick around to see local rabbits, radio
blaster, the new grand and plumtree at the ultrasound or the smugglers and
duotang at the horseshoe.

love ya :)

-=- D'Arcy -=-