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TOronto SLoan Ticket help PLIZ


I debated whether or not to ask for help about a concert which
is going to be held in toronto but considering the endless 'i
hate local rabbits / eric's trip are NOT boring!' posts, i'll
take my chances.

The tickets for Sloan at the Concert Hall in toronto apparently
go on sale Aug. 29 (this Thurs) but where? i've phoned ticketmaster
and each time they say that they don't think they are selling tickets.
is there somewhere else i supposed to buy them?

Now my 2 cents on all the hubbub around Sloanet:

*I* think that the Local Rabbits are a great band and a really nice
bunch of guys to boot.  *I* personally think that their use of many
styles is very refreshing compared to an album that sounds the same all
the way through.

*I* think that Eric's Trip DID overdo the "we are so indie low-fi" bit,
and that *I* probably would have liked them a lot better if they had
strayed from their 3-barred-chord arrangements.
*PERSONALLY*, *I* like Elevator to Hell a lot better than Eric's Trip
just for the fact that Rick uses keyboards.  But the songs are a lot
more interesting too ;)

just a few of *MY* opinions.