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Re: Eric's "formulaic" Trip? (was Re: Ways to keep life interesting...)

> and recording techniques.  What you hear as barre chords and fuzzy bass I
> hear as conflicting and contrasting parts, reminiscent of a stripped-down My
> Bloody Valentine.  They sound nothing like the prime examples of three-chord
> indie pop.  As for formula, I think the only formula they can be accused of
> following would be their own.  Is that a crime?  My head says yes because
> they didn't push themselves.  My heart, on the other hand, says it just
> feels right.
> Geneyus.

I like Eric's Trip, and it's because they reminded me of My Bloody 
Valentine circa isn't anything, but even MBV had a bit more imagination 
on Isn't Anything than ET may have shown on their entire career.  I am 
just very happy that ET, even though they stuck to their sound for a 
little too long (IMHO), chose a great sound to stick to. I suppose the 
thing about Eric's Trip, is that they had the chops and the means to try 
and be a little different, and didn't. I still like them, but I wish they'd 
tried to expererimetn a little more with their sound, 'cause when I listen 
to Purple Blue, I hear no evolution. I wish they'd pulled off a Pavement, 
and done something a little alien, that's all...

...I would however ask you then, if you complain about formulaic indie pop 
bands, to name me some of these so-called prime examples of three-chord indie 
pop. If you're gonna throw blanket statements, then at least it would be nice 
if you made your argument less nebulous by giving us some examples. I would 
also like to know what you mean by indie bands...your mom'n pop local indie 
band putting out stuff on their own ?  bands recording for small labels ??
Are bands on Matador and SubPop indie ? Merge ? Alias ? Touch'n Go ? 
murder ? derivative ? cranky ?

if so, there is a bewildering amount of diversity out there, much beyond
the three chord pop you complain about.
I see the most lack of imagination on some of the younger local bands, 
but that is merely a lack of seasoning...it takes a bit of time for a band to 
really assert their style and start doing really interesting stuff...hell, if 
you heard some early Archers of loaf (stuff from '91) then you're looking 
at major superchunk ripoffs, but now, you can't deny that they have a 
style very much of their own. I mean, I suppose it's all technicalities.
Do you think Blonde Redhead are formulaic ? some would say no, but I 
would say they do more than steal a bit of the Sonic Youth 
sound...Mystery Machine ?  swervedriver...Sianspheric ?  Slowdive...
Eric's Trip ? My Bloody Valentine...Moonsocket ? Lou Barlow...
very few "new" things out there and there are tons of different formulas, 
more so than there are flavours at an ice cream shop...three chor pop is 
not as pervasive as you think, and in fact, lots of indie bands out 
there are not doing anything remotely like the three chord pop that you 
talk about. Zumpano ? Spiny Anteaters ? wooden stars ? you just have to 
look hard enough Genyus, and there are always people doing new things...

I'm sure My Pet Genyus has absolutely no traceable influences...