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the trashing of the hopping bunnies....

PAVEMENT ?????   PAVEMENT ????????????? you'll have to come up with 
>something better than that 'cause I defy you to find me a *single* pavement 
>song that even comes close to sounding like (sally ann's) style denial Or 
>the other way around)... if anything maybe the guitars sound a bit 
>archers/polvo-like, and I suppose the singing could sound a bit like malkmus 
>when he's having fun, but it's just not laid back enough to be like pavement.

Oh...you defy me to make a single comparison and then go on to make two
points of comparison yourself. I think you've defeated your own argument.
And by the way, Pavement are not always layed back friend, I seem to recall
their first album, Slanted and Enchanted, is pretty wild.

I think I've taken this round.

I am going to make one other comment though. There's been a fair bit of
comment on "blind devotion" within Sloan net and I think in some cases the
Local Rabbits  is another example. Now  I do think a record label can be
used as a guide by which one can purchase records, as the owners often
dictate the bands. Thus, if you like one band they signed, then it is
possible you'll like another band because there may  be a similar flavour
that runs through the label's music. I think, for the most part this is true
of Murder, Subpop, etc. 

I also think there are a great number of people who only heard about Eric's
Trip, Superfriendz, Jale etc. because of the influence of Sloan. They
dropped those names time and again in interviews (I remember when Patrick
Pentland told me about this cool band called Tag, which his girlfriend
played in....) and promoted those bands from obscurity. Canada is a better
place because Sloan helped these bands out. 

So  Sloan's track record is pretty good but I think they missed the boat on
Local Rabbits. That said, I will still, in the future, pay close attention
to whatever Jay and co. sign, because they've been pretty good until now. I
will not however, like the band simply because they're on Murder.

"The sychophantic slags all say...I knew him first and I knew him well."

Robert Thompson