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With a hip, hop, hippity hop...Local Rabbits (was Re: (sally ann's) style denial, the video)

>PAVEMENT ?????   PAVEMENT ????????????? you'll have to come up with 
>something better than that 'cause I defy you to find me a *single* pavement 
>song that even comes close to sounding like (sally ann's) style denial Or 
>the other way around)... if anything maybe the guitars sound a bit 
>archers/polvo-like, and I suppose the singing could sound a bit like malkmus 
>when he's having fun, but it's just not laid back enough to be like pavement.

Got to agree with Mr. Thompson on this one..well, in theory.  The first time
I saw the Local Rabbits I liked 'em because they reminded me of Pavement.
They were sloppy as hell but didn't seem to mind.  The next time I saw them,
about a year later, it was like they sold their souls at the crossroads.
All of a sudden they were a blues band, even down to the John Lee Hooker
covers.  I was totally disappointed because it was more Howard Johnson than
Robert Johnson.  Left half way through the set.

>not everyone is supposed to like every band...

This is something that needed to be said.  People so often go for the rant,
myself included, that they forget that people can have their own opinions.
But then again, conflicting opinions is what makes arguing so much fun...

Smile, so I can knock yer teeth out...Geneyus.