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Eric's "formulaic" Trip? (was Re: Ways to keep life interesting...)

>but then again, you like Eric's Trip, and they're as formulaic as they 
>come. I personally think they're OK, but they got a bit boring after a 
>while....ET's barre chords and fuzzy bass sorta got old...so who's boring ?
>are the local rabbits as formulaic as you think ?? If anything, they sort 
>of stick out like a sore thumb...for better or worse, depending on 
>whether you like them or not.

I don't know where to begin with this one.  First off, I remember suggesting
that there are definite exceptions to the rules.  Eric's Trip write great
pop songs but they're nothing if not experimental with their instrumentation
and recording techniques.  What you hear as barre chords and fuzzy bass I
hear as conflicting and contrasting parts, reminiscent of a stripped-down My
Bloody Valentine.  They sound nothing like the prime examples of three-chord
indie pop.  As for formula, I think the only formula they can be accused of
following would be their own.  Is that a crime?  My head says yes because
they didn't push themselves.  My heart, on the other hand, says it just
feels right.


By the way, we should be a hankerin' down on Elevator to Hell alot more
'round these here parts...