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Re: Jale....?

Jale's tour has in fact been cancelled. Eve and Jennifer had emergency 
family matters to get back to.

There are a great deal of tour posters left if any one would like a 
momento of the great Canadian tour that never was. Great art by Halifax's 
Scott Tappen.

Scarce are also going home.

On Sun, 25 Aug 1996, um.....me? wrote:

> Grrrrrr.
> I've just been outta town for a week and i'm (or was) kinda excited with 
> the prospect of seeing Jale on Tuesday (i'll be outta town again, but i 
> am (was) planning on driving in to winnipeg to see them. 
> Anyways, being back one day i've heard nasty rumors that their tour is 
> cancelled.
> Is this true??
> If so, is Scarce still touring??
> I am so distressed.
> -Karry
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