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plumtree and so long

once again i apologize if this has been mentioned before but:
when i was in montreal to see jale and plumtree, (jale were sooo amazing,
i'm sorry that they had to cancel the tour, and plumtree, well we missed
them. who knew that the show would start at 8:30?)
i picked up the fanzine "noise" which comes with a compilation called
"you're a super lady" that features the plumtree song "fatherhood"

you can get it from corduroy rekordz for $7 post paid to 
blain butyniec
7271 edenwood crt,
niagara falls, on
l2j 4e3

in the 'zine there's an interview with sassy's christina kelly (and
archers of loaf, lush etc etc.)

also, i'm moving soon so i'd like to take this opportunity to say goodbye
to sloannet. i've mostly lurked for 2.5 years. so anyways, bye. 

lisa chen-wing.

p.s. i'm gonna be in vancouver so, since you don't know what i look like,
you won't recognize me, but oh well, whatever. just be nice and say hi to