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Re: Jale....?

>I've just been outta town for a week and i'm (or was) kinda excited with 
>the prospect of seeing Jale on Tuesday (i'll be outta town again, but i 
>am (was) planning on driving in to winnipeg to see them. 
>Anyways, being back one day i've heard nasty rumors that their tour is 
>Is this true??

Eve was called away for personal reasons, and they cancelled their Monday
night show in Kitchener before calling back to say they'd play as a trio.
I think they're continuing without Eve. The only bad thing is, they can't
play any Eve songs 'cause they don't know the parts, and their set was
very short. On the plus side, they're playing a lot of songs they haven't
played before, like "Despite" and I think one of Mike's songs (but I'm 
not sure on that one).

I'll post my interview later.


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