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Re: indy band predictability/and other stuff

>The breakdancing bit has already been done
>lately (forget where i saw it - some big name i think.... i think)

Beck, "where its at"

>If SLOAN isnt GOD.... Who is? :)        (hehehe)

Well if I believed calling someone or someone's band god (which I don't, but
I'll play along just for the fun of it) it would be Sebadoh, hands down.

I saw Jale last night, they played as a three piece because Eve had to deak
due to something w/ the family. All I can really say is that it was pretty
weak, I do give the remaining three credit for actually playing and not
cancelling, but as a three piece it left much to be desired. It was worth
going to the show for Scarce and The Saddies (who were simply amazing, even
my total punk rawk loving friend who hates music if it ain't punk loved
them). Oh well lates....


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