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Re: Ways to keep life interesting...(was Re: sloan in halifax)

hi guys. geneyus said this so if u've already read it it's just here for
*.  My only problem is formula.  I find
*that alot of indie guitar rock follows a basic premise.  Three or four boys
*(or substitute a grrrl on bass, depending on which model you want to
*follow...) playing three chords and a) singing about high school or 70s
*kitsch b) moping about the opposite sex or c) moaning about life's miserable
*experience.  Isn't life all about that?  Well, sure...but there must be
*different ways to make the message more interesting.
 But I think that if u follow a formula for everything, it definitely will
suck. And even tho he did say that a lot, not all, indie guitar rock follows
a basic premise it's just a pain in the butt to look for this formula all
the time. And here are some bands that defy that:Hayden, made, uh, that's
all I can think of
for now (and everyone goes "oh yah that  proves geneyus's point" but it
doesn't I'm just tired). The point is if u follow a formula for everything ,
it will definetely suck.

Something else that sucks: Dealing with Sloan's booking company. Okay, we
were going to do an independant all ager, rent a hall and sound and all
that, and we were going to see if sloan wanted to but thank u to sloan's
booking company for giving us the run around that won't be happening. Thank
u, thank u so much. U r praised highly for u're idiocy in this case. 
(it seems vicious but it's not.)