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Re: Who really is GOD?

By the way, Chris, Jay, Andrew and Patrick are,
>like, people.  Maybe I've been spending too much time on Sloannet, but you
>all make them out to be Gods.  Perhaps it's different south of the border,
>I don't know...
>                -Erik

I dont believe in the trinity. I believe in a god with 4 heads! They are
The Father (Chris), The Son (Jay-cause he's so small... no offence), The
Wholey Ghost (Andrew) and "The Other Guy" (patrick-whom i think deserves as
much credit and praise as the other guys, just... someone had to be last).
And since 4 heads are better than one....

If SLOAN isnt GOD.... Who is? :)        (hehehe)

(waits for religionists to scold me about sacrelige)

Big Time Sloan Fan,

"Nice AC/DC rif there Patty, you gonna keep that?" - chris murphy