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Re: indy band predictability

>  As for the Local Rabbits thread. I think they have the same problem that
>is present in a lot of indie music today. It is becoming so predictable,
>that it seems to be coming as cliched as heavy metal was in the 80's. I just
>thank god for bands like the Motes, Sianspheric and Elevator to Hell, to
>keep the music interesting.

I hear where you're comming from. I'm sure you've all seen the StarKicker
video "Get up"?? Sure it's a catchy tune (after getting used to it) but
it's the same old 3 chords through the whole song. Get's very repetitive.
Oh, and back to their video... The breakdancing bit has already been done
lately (forget where i saw it - some big name i think.... i think)

"What's up with that???" - cliff claven (the cheers episode where he tries to do
                                                stand-up comedy)


Big Time Sloan Fan,

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