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Ways to keep life interesting...(was Re: sloan in halifax)

>  As for the Local Rabbits thread. I think they have the same problem that
>is present in a lot of indie music today. It is becoming so predictable,
>that it seems to be coming as cliched as heavy metal was in the 80's. I just
>thank god for bands like the Motes, Sianspheric and Elevator to Hell, to
>keep the music interesting.


I think you've brought up an interesting point about music.  God knows there
is nothing wrong with a good pop song.  My only problem is formula.  I find
that alot of indie guitar rock follows a basic premise.  Three or four boys
(or substitute a grrrl on bass, depending on which model you want to
follow...) playing three chords and a) singing about high school or 70s
kitsch b) moping about the opposite sex or c) moaning about life's miserable
experience.  Isn't life all about that?  Well, sure...but there must be
different ways to make the message more interesting.

Some people say that imitation is the highest form of flattery...well, some
mirrors make you look fatter than others.

Up for life's challenge...Geneyus.