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Re: (sally ann's) style denial, the video :(

> The music was also directionless, somewhere between Pavement and a mid-70s
> stadium rock band. Wow, I'm at a bit of a loss to say anything positive
> about the song. Is there anything better on the record?

PAVEMENT ?????   PAVEMENT ????????????? you'll have to come up with 
something better than that 'cause I defy you to find me a *single* pavement 
song that even comes close to sounding like (sally ann's) style denial Or 
the other way around)... if anything maybe the guitars sound a bit 
archers/polvo-like, and I suppose the singing could sound a bit like malkmus 
when he's having fun, but it's just not laid back enough to be like pavement.

I forget who said it, but it it's true that generally bad reviews stem 
appear to be an excuse from thinking too hard about the issue...I'm sure 
you could find some redeeming value about the rabbits, especially since 
you drool over the Superfriendz. I love them as well, but it sure as hell 
wasn't the album that won me over. If it were only for the album, I would 
have thought it a bit boring...lacking a certain edge...while not 
everything the local rabbits try is a success, they sure as hell try more 
different things than most bands...and to the person who says they lack 
inventiveness, and that they're predictable...I just have to wonder what 
you base that on...if anything, they're more schizophrenic than any other 
EC band (at least the ones we get to hear out here...so halifax people, 
don't contradict me...)  Funny how to one person, they seem to lack 
direction, and to someone else they are too predictable...I think that 
some of the stuff that they do works is really quite good. 
And I also have never been bored at a Local rabbits gig...and I think that 
if you run along with their sense of humour, rather than getting all pissed 
off about it, you enjoy them all the more. The last time Sloan played 
here (with hip club goove, and LR), I swear that the most redeeming 
quality of the evening, was the fact that we discovered the local rabbits.
They had so much fun and energy on stage that is was infectious. Even the 
Sloan boys (who seemed a little tense) had to enjoy themselves when the 
rabbits joined them on stage...

I was just listening to their Brave New Waves session the other 
night, and the interview is just a howl...these guys are just so tongue 
in cheek that if you're not getting the joke, perhaps you're trying too 
hard to have a sour ol' time...nuff said....if you don't like them, 
fine...not everyone is supposed to like every band...