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Little Girl Scouts (get it, Brownies, do you have them in Canada?)

	So, The most beloved of any band I know, Sloan, hit NYC last night. 
The band The Gigolo Ants, for whom Sloan was opening, and who was nice
enough to let Sloan borrow their drum kit and amps, was also nice enough
to set up for them.  9 o'clock rolled around, but Sloan was still no where
to be found.  Finally, Patrick walked out on stage and started setting up
his guitar.  Meanwhile, I wandered outside the club, and there was Chris
and Jay with an armload of OCTA on vinyl. 
	Sloan didn't have room in the van for a set list either.  Instead,
Chris was like: "Ok, we'll do me, then Pat, then me, then me..."  Here's a
rough list of the songs they played, in approximate order.  I might have
left something out:  Nothing left..., G -> D, Autobiography, Everything
you've done wrong (Complete with Chris and Pat harmonizing on the brass
parts), The lines you amend, Coax Me, Anyone who's Anyone, The good in
everyone into Penpals.  I think that's it.  Afterwards, Chris said: "We're
from out of town and don't know anyone, so we'd love for people to talk to
	Overall, I think they played a really good show, although I hadn't
seen them in over three years.  They rocked so hard I'm still seasick.
	They also mentioned they were coming back to New York on Sept.
7th, but didn't know where.  The Voice doesn't seem to know where either,
but I'll stay optimistic.
	So, there you go.  By the way, Chris, Jay, Andrew and Patrick are,
like, people.  Maybe I've been spending too much time on Sloannet, but you
all make them out to be Gods.  Perhaps it's different south of the border,
I don't know... 

	Hope that satisfies everyone's Sloan fix,