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Re: (sally ann's) style denial, the video :(

Boyz and gurls:

Alright, a few months ago I complained that I didn't understand all the
attention given to the Local Rabbits. I think I said something about the
group being musically confused and dull. Somebody commented that I had not
heard the group's latest tunes and that I was out of the loop.

Well, now I have and I'd like to say that they still sound dull and
musically confused. But to add to this, the video seemed to take kitsch to a
new extreme. God, the acid wash stuff wasn't cool... just another indie
re-hash of a group lacking style or substance in their music and trying to
make up for it by taking an obvious angle and working it to death. Rather
than being cutting-edge, the video is a touch insulting,  lacking any
innovation and well, very indie.
It's not that hard to see why Cool Blue Halo's clip is up for three MM awards.  

The indie rock "clique" video (you know, where "cool" indie types show up
without an apparent purpose) has been overdone (see treblecharger, len
etc.). Don't get me wrong, the Superfriendz are a great band (and the Local
Rabbits couldn't carry their guitars...) but their point in the video is
just playing up the Murder thing a bit much.  

I'm seems to me at best, video can be art (or something close to it) and at
worst it looks something like the Local Rabbits's clip -- another dull
advertisement for a band lacking a direction.

The music was also directionless, somewhere between Pavement and a mid-70s
stadium rock band. Wow, I'm at a bit of a loss to say anything positive
about the song. Is there anything better on the record?

Seen your video....no phony rock and roll.


p.s. -- the Sloan show in London is at the Nac, and being put on by a new
promotion team. Mid- Sept. with a date to be announced.