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Re: Your message to the sloannet mailing list

What the heck is this %\!/&*?

Anyway, i suppose i was kicked off the member list by the automated system.

>digital\!/sk.sympatico.ca is not a member
>or moderator of the sloannet list.
>Sorry, only list members and the moderator may send mail to this list.
>You can join the list by sending a reply to this message, with
>SUBSCRIBE sloannet
>in the message body.


Hey, i missed a bunch o' posts 'cause my computer crashed BAD! $1000 worth
of repairs. basicly i'll be salvaging what i can out of it and buying a new
box to put it in. (power supply and motherboard went)

Anyway, enough about my problems...

I have no idea how #sloan (on the undernet) has been going lately, the
reason being the above. For everyone who would like to unite at a specific
time, Thursday August 22nd (that's tomorrow) at 6:00 pm (Central Time) will
be the time to be there. I realize that most of us either have work :( or
school (ah, dont we all miss it?) so, if a later time would be more
attractive, e-mail me personally. This will not change tomorrow's meeting
time however, but may influence later meetings.

Oh, for all you Smashing  Pumpkins fans in the near vicinity:
        Smashing Pumpkins will be playing in at SaskPlace in Saskatoon, SK on
        the 25th of September.

Tickets are $35.50 in advance (dont know if door tickets will exist).

Big Time Sloan Fan,

"Nice AC/DC rif there Patty, you gonna keep that?" - chris murphy