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Re: ...all these and the japanese soup warriors.

At 12:05 AM 8/22/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi there!
>Well, I just got back from the Beck show, where a good time was had by all
>(you gotta love Cibo Matto!).  Anyways, as promised the Sloan date for
>Toronto was announced.  It will be on Sept. 20th and will be at the Concert
>Hall.  Tickets go on sale on August 29th.  On a side note Sebadoh are
>playing TO on Oct. 1st, the venue has not been announced.  Did you guys
>catch the video on the Wedge today?  That was a side of Lou I'd never seen
>before (cause we're _so_ close and all ;)).  

Actually the sebadoh date is Oct.1st and the Phoniex<sp> and is all ages.


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