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Re: want info: State Champs / Mot

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996 ingram.scott%mis01%c90a#\!/ey.geis.com wrote:

[re: the state champs and the motes]

> Somebody was telling me last night that these bands broke up and joined
> forces, or something like that. My details were very sketchy. Could somebody
> fill me in more?

i don't know if they've broken up, but the champs' andy is apparently in
rough shape after a wicked bad skateboarding accident in british columbia.
however, they are joining forces for the new Daydream records/Ant records
co-release, a somewhat shiny new 7'' (or rather, 500 new 7''s). the test
pressings are done and the split single should be available for mass
consumption sometime within the next couple of months, perhaps as early as
mid september (but until ONE of us gets her freelancin' paycheque, its
unlikely we'll see the single til october). the music is like nothing
you've heard before and the motes really are the best band on the east
coast. if you think you knew them before, you were wrong. and the state
champs wrote a sensitive love song about a guy and his castle which,
although mellow in flavour, still makes you ball your fists up and want to
shake them in a rock and roll fashion. grrrrrrroowwwwwwwlllllll!!!!

i want to write press releases for a living,


ps/ ladies, it's true what chris murphy says, mark mullane is the
handsomest rocker in halifax. start sprayin' perfume on stationary today.