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Re: eric's Trip

At 03:32 PM 8/19/96 -0400, you wrote:
>nope...I don't think so...my vote would go for skinny puppy, or 

I would agree w/ you on SNFU. They have came no where near sucess in the US,
but a lot of bands have great respect for them. A good example of this would
be last years warped tour. Quicksand was supposed to headline, but gave up
their closing slot to SNFU because of the great amount of respect they had
for them. Another thing at the show was when Al from Trigger Happy
introduced the band he said "everyone in high school had pictures of shitty
pop stars in there lockers, I had these guys hanging up in my
locker.....SNFU" Oh well, good call "pat" ;)....


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