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Loads of crap

I just want to post a few things because I haven't in a while.

1.      I'm going to Ottawa tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone could
tell me if there are going to be any good allages shows there from the 21st
to the 27th.
Also, where are the cool record and music stores. Thanks

2.      Does Adam Weezer have any new versions of the tab FAQs, and if he
does can he send them to me.

3.  For those of you who might want some guitar crap here's a couple of songs
        Bad Time To Care by Moonsocket - Verse A,C - Chorus G,F,C
        I Exist by Eric's Trip - Verse D,D#,hi G - Chourus A,G

4. The new Moonsocket kicks ass, I highly recommend it.  it's one of the
best albums ever IMHO.

5.  Someone must have a copy of the last Eric's Trip show, could they please
give it to me I will make it worth your while, please, I beg of you.

6.  Classic Rock rules.  The classic rock saturday on much was really cool.
And Rush rocks, even Chris Murphy agrees.

7.  Adrian Bos, I lost your mailing address please e-mail me if you want
your tape.

8.  Everything You've Done Wrong was played on magic 93 the local light hits
station, and All Ready had recieved lots of airplay.  If Everything You've
Done Wrong has gotten radio airplay on this crappy island I must think that
the video and super-stardom (cringe) can only follow.

Wow, that was short and sweet.

And how come there's been no posts lately, that sucks :(

See ya