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jale / zine-y stuff

hellooo :)

jale were in town last night, and played very, very well.  they played most
of the songs from _so wound_, with a couple from past albums, and even closed
with "promise" :) i totally enjoyed the concert :)  i was even happier when
jennifer said "i've never wanted anyone kicked out from a show before,
but..", while pointed to an annoying heckling/jumping/bumping idiot.  oh, and
scarce were *amazing*!!!  wow.  i enjoyed the show on behalf of others....

also, my l'il zine _in the meantime..._ is rip-roarin' ready for circulation,
with issue #5 complete.  there's interviews with chickpea, sloan, and a
quickie with the new grand and maker's mark.  also included are cm stories 5
& 6, an eric's trip poster, a sloan comic drawn by pete elkas of the local
rabbits, my sloan video adventure, music + zine reviews, etc.   all for $2,
or $1.50 if you get it from me in person, or for a trade.  send stuff to:
	in the meantime...
	c/o carol
	698 Green Meadow Cres.
	Mississauga, ON
	L5A 2V2  canada

back issues include:
#4: interviews with the local rabbits, plumtree, and the inbreds; a
star-studded feature; reviews; etc.
#3: interviews with the waltons, al tuck, eric's trip; a puzzle page;
reviews; etc.

e-mail me with questions or trade offers!  thanks for your attention. :)