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Sally Ann video!!!

hey everyone,
	I suspect Sloan Net is experiencing technical difficulties but i'm
going to post anyways and hope it gets to your screens at godspeed. ;)
	ok these words come at the request of Tom Goodwin aka Manager of
the Local Rabbits.
	The Local Rabbits video for Sally Ann will be on the Much Music
Indie spotlight on August 23. if you like it call up and request it alot!
	The local Rabbits will NOT be playing the Kitchener/Waterloo
show this Thursday.  this is confirmed.  they really want to get home
since they haven't been home in over a month.  They will be back in
Toronto for the 30th and 31st dates that have already been posted.  Also
just added to the bill in St. Catherines will be Plumtree with the L.R.'s
and Thrush Hermit this Tuesday.  
	Also anybody who is trying to contact Kelly Ruberto via E-mail can
write to me instead.  She is having mondo E-mail account trouble and knows
that some of you are trying to contact her.  If you send me the messages
Kelly will be sure to get them...just make sure to label who they are for.
	Ok so i think that's it.  The Thrush hermit/ L.R.'s show in
London was excellent last night. :)  (as expected)  Oh yeah, Luna Lounge
is the venue for the NYC show with Sloan and the Local Rabbits. its on the
Sept. 5th.  i'll be sure to give a detailed posting of the going ons. and
of my doomed NYC sight seeing tour i'm expected to give the L.R.'s.
(hahah i think one of them is bound to get arrested or into a scuffle.)
   umm thanks for reading this far into this posting ..i know it was long.

Still pissed i'll be missing this weeks Sloan NYC show,
Coach Jules, Seductress of Young Men (and bass players!)
			RAWK Journalist Extrodinaire
						All-around Riotgrrl