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Re: jale...

carol said:
> oh, and scarce were *amazing*!!!  wow.  i enjoyed the show on behalf of
 I'm crying.  I really am.  Alex and I went down to check 'em out
(honestly... I could care less about Jale - sorry) and did everything
possible in our power to get in, but the frigging Lee's security is just too
tight... We talked to Chick and Joe from Scarce, though, and they were
*incredibly* nice (well above and beyond the call of duty...) and put us on
the guest list, tried to sneak us in, etc.  At least we got to see their
soundcheck, where they played "Rains of Kansas" and "honeysimple" (by
request :)).  They told us they'd most probably be back in town in the next
two or three months, so... I'll be there.  I will find a way.  Now if anyone
knows where I can get a good fake ID... 
             days like this,

ps. So D'Arcy - did you get in??? I'm so pissed off...

  "I'll make you wanna stay with me
   Befriended by the enemy..."