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The education of Sloan....

Somebody wrote:

In an interview I heard about a year and a half back, Jay says he went to
King's (and graduated - woo hoo!), and he said that Chris went to Dalhousie
(wasn't he an English major or something?) and Halifax School of Art and
Design.  Don't know about the others, sorry..

In anycase Patrick has some sort of history degree. I know this as I
interviewed him when  Twice Removed came out, and he was saying how he was
worried about his future. He said something to the extent that he was in his
late 20s, and because the band had taken up so much of his time, he wasn't
sure what he would do, only having a history degree.

As for Andrew, I am uncertain. This might be trivial, but I think it gives a
certain insight into the Sloan breakup. Patrick did seem really unhappy when
I talked with him, and as the album didn't really sell (despite playing to a
sellout crowd that evening at The Wave at Western) it was realistic of him
to wonder what he'd do next.