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Goldfish / Halifax On Music Press Release

#1: Someone asked about Goldfish last week... Try Bonfire Recordings at 

#2: Got this fax today... Here's an edited transcription:


PO Box 36142
Halifax, NS, Canada B3J 3S9
(902) 425-MUSIC
Phone/Fax: (902) 429-9227

Press release:

[paragraph deleted]

Now from out of the ashes emerges a NEW festival with a NEW name but with
the same good looks and talent for pestering good bands to visit their
beautiful city on the east coast.

Halifax is launching a new music festival called HALIFAX ON MUSIC from September
13-15, 1996. Organizers include Angie Fenwick (Festival Director) and Colin
MacKenzie (Talent Director) whose involvment and dedication have helped
propel the local Halifax scene to international recognition for one of the 
hottest sopts for new music today. For three fun-filled days Halifax will
be scaring the neighbours with 35 bands from all over North America performing
in venues all over town. Here's a list of some of those bands scheduled to

Change of Heart, Chixdiggitt [sic], Cool Blue Halo, Duotang, Giant Sand,
The Inbreds, jale, Local Rabbits, Mavis Piggott, Madhat, Plumtree, Pushkings,
Rebecca West, Scud Mountain Boys, Sianspheric, Superfriendz [sic], Thrush
Hermit, Transistor, Tristan Psionic, ... and many more!!

Additionally, Halifax on Music will be featuring "Saturday's Rock 'n Roll
Carnival" on Sept. 14 which will offer independent record labels, distributors,
and music related entrepreneurs a chance to exchange ideas, answer queries
and sell merchandaise.

But wait, there's more! In conjunction with Saturday's Carnival members of
the media can get involved through Halifax on Media, the sister conference
for international alternative media sources. [deleted]

For more information call Angie Fenwick at (902) 425-MUSIC

There ya go. Anyone in the Southern Ontario or New York region, Kelly and
I were discussing getting a big pool together and vanning down. Anyone


Patrick Wilkins        2A Independent Studies, University of Waterloo
            Imprint Newspaper and CKMS 100.3 FM Radio
   Thursday August 22nd, Korova Cafe, Kitchener. Email for details.