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SLOAN q. and a.

hey there!  hows everyone out in sloannet land!

i have a feeling that the new sloan video should be coming out real 
soon!  the new single 'everything you've done wrong' is starting get a 
lot of rotation on the radio...cfny and even q107(thanx bro).  the thing 
is no one seems to be gettin' the name quite right...i've heard
-everything you've done 
-everything you've done wrong baby
-everything you've done wrong before
what's going on!

alright, here's something that i want to know about sloan.
have they all graduated from university and if so where did they go to 
school?  i was also wondering if andrew scott had any artistic training.
he's pretty good eh!  

and hey, one more thing...does anyone out there have a copy of the 'ear to 
the ground' show with sloan.  i have the transcript but i'd really like to 
see it.

well, i hope you can answer my questions.  thanx!

ps. check out phonocomb tonite at the ultrasound!
pss. this has been my first post.
psss. hey d'arcy f., linda s., and lisa c.w. (hope yer having fun in 

check ya!  jules