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halifax on music

OK folks here is alittle info on the Halifax On Music Festival
Three stages
 Friday and Saturday night
Cafe Ole

Sunday Evening One all ages show at Birdland

4-5 bands per stage  35 performances in all...and maybe more

Saturday there will be a Record Faire/Circus at Wormwoods theatre, as 
well as accoustic entertainment and at least one very cool speaker for 
Halifax ON Media ( the alt. media workshop)

Sunday Brunch provided by Cinnamon Toast Records...as per usual

There will also be a Comic book  Faire on Sunday Aft. at Wormwoods.

so there is a little info folks

Colin MacKenzie

po box 2372 Halifax Central
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3E4
tel:902 422 6114 / fax:902 422 2194