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Re: state champs info

Uhhm, I dunno if this has already been addressed but, 
there is the "Back to the Billions" tape.. but if you want to 
get technical, the 1st was the Raliegh Sport release, that I 
can't locate right this second.. called, uhh.. hmm.. heh.
then there was another tape a promo, that I can't remember the
name of, and there is the Daydream Records single, "Nevada Downs"
and the new one coming soon, same label.. split w/ the Motes..
There are also some out-takes from the Hermit recordings, Matt Kelly 
on the steel, sounds great.. never released..  the Murphy sessions,
sounds cool, not released.. the Jay Mote session, wicked.. not released
the Marc Costanzo seccion.. -amazing- a song from that will be on the 
new split single, and then there was some talk of a Champs record,
"They Spent their days Building lazy Bridges over Acedemic waters"
Someday it will happen, though Andy Sawler, guitar wizard, is healing
from an injury and is sorta out of comission.. the Champs will live on,
rock on, and crank out the hits.

On Sun, 11 Aug 1996, Helen Luu wrote:

> could someone give me some info on the state champs pleez? such as
> discography? i realize they've been posted about billions of times on
> sloannet but i never really paid attention before becuz i hadn't heard their
> music yet until recently.. they're really great.
> thanx.
> p.s. rob, i got the tape a few days ago.. i like it a lot.. thank u! 
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>     !
> hel!en
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