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'nine years now' theory

Okay, Does anyone know what this song is about (ah-boot for you canucks :) ?
Here is a pretty unique theory from a friend of mine.
Please note this is not me.  I, unlike this person, am employed, and do not
have the time nor the patience to sit down and draw all of these conclusions
from admittedly pretty sparse info down here in the states.
If you aren't one for long, drawn out, poorly structured, mildly obssessive
compulsive explanations of songs, now's the time to move on to the next
message full of bee-otching about wether or not seeing a good band for free
in a well lit environment where photography is not frowned upon by security
is corporate or indy.
(Holy run on sentance!)

Okay it goes like this:

(Not adam Talking until further notice)

Anyone listening to the lyrics in the chorus of 'Nine years now', and
comparing them to the bridge lyrics in 'Coax Me', is bound to find some

some interesting facts:
- Closed was released in 1995.
- 9 years before 1995 was 1986.
- Chris Murphy AND Jennifer Pierce graduated from high school in 1986. (I
- Wether or not they both graduated in 1996 one took the other to their
senior prom in   1986.
- The lyrics in both songs are pretty close, but not quite the same, as if
they play off of   each other.


(Adam talking again..)

Okay, there it is.  I 've already managed to shoot one hole in it, as even if
it is about chris murphy, It could be about absolutely anything he did in
1986. Oh well gotta go.

p.s. E-mail me if you can get either an original songs about chris, or a copy
of the june 16th et show.