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Halifax On Music

I don't think anyone's posted all this yet, so here's the full Halifax On Music
contact info:

PO Box 36142
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 3S9
Phone/Fax: (902) 429-9227

Friday September 13 - Sunday September 15

Press passes available by faxing the above # on official letterhead, anytime
until the week of.

That's really all I know. There doesn't seem to be much information out about
this thing, even though it's on in less than a month. Does *anyone* know
else -- not band schedules, but details on the conference (and Halifax on
"gathering of the nations [sic] alternative news papers [sic], print, panels,
pontificators") would be nice, seeing as how I'm planning on spending several
hundred bucks to get down there & survive the weekend.

Speaking of money... anyone in the Southern Ontario area planning on driving
down and looking for a carpooler? I also make an excellent roadie...

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