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RE: uh-oh, not that topic again.

O.k. James, you've caught me at a more mellow moment now (amazing how a bad 
day turns up in e-mail, eh?), but the reason I made the corporate sell-out 
comment (and I should have made this more clear becasue it definitely wasn't 
directed at something you said) was because I keep seeing it crop up as a 
dis about bands.  The word "corporate" is so often used as a euphemism for 
"shitty" and/or "sell-outs" and it flips me out to see Sloan getting lumped 
into that sort of thing.  Also, people on this list complained for ages that 
Geffen didn't support the band and now they're complaining that MCA is!  I 
guess you can never win.

Sloan is now big enough that the teeny indie clubs can no longer hold their 
audience and they have to play bigger venues in order that more people can 
see them.  Of the last few gigs I've seen the smallest was 2,500 people and 
the largest was 50,000 people.  That's part of progress and while we may not 
like to see our faves get further away from us, it means they're succeeding 
and I generally think that is a good thing. That's why I think  in-stores 
are more intimate.

Always smiling,
Cori >:-)
(and this is not a continuation of an argument, I swear.)