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Re: The Sloan in-store tour/waste of bandwidth

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, **shawn morris** wrote:

> At 11:47 AM 8/12/96 -0600, you wrote:
> >Hey guy, whatever, just remember:
> >CORPORATE. With an "R" after the O, okay?
> WHAT A WASTE OF BANDWIDTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder everything is beginning
> to slow down, its useless posts like this that slow everything down. So
> what, we mispelled something, SO WHAT !!!!!!!!! SOme of us aren't as perfect
> as you, I'm sorry, I will try harder next time to make sure everything is
> spelt correct. I really don't care how or other's spelling is as long as I
> understand what they are trying to say, lates..... (oh wait that won't be
> correct) Later....

...not to mention yours for pointing out in more detail what he did.
...not to mention *mine* for pointing out what you did.
shit happens.

east coast content?

i'm really disappointed to hear that the new hardship post have called it 
quits as well! i was really looking forward to the new album that they 
were gearing up for.
i thought their shows, although much different from past ones, were 
really good! mike, seb and alyson all had equally great songs, and it 
looked like they were starting to become more comfortable with them last 
time i saw them play too.
what a loss :(



"men...calloused hands...men..."   M. Gaudet - 28/07/96