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Re: some things

At 03:15 PM 8/12/96 -0400, you wrote:
>hello sloannet people,
>* i was watching Fashion Television last week and was surprised and amused 
>to hear jale's emma being played in the background to a story about a woman 
>who takes pictures of naked (and near-naked) people.

They always have the best music on FT...last year "Coax me" was played once...

>* although i loved seeing the video for everything you've done wrong baby 
>being shot, i think that the next sloan single (if there's gonna be one) 
>should be for the lines you amend, and my video concept is: jay rowing a 
>boat and bumping into the other members of sloan as they lie floating in 
>the water. i think that that would be really cool.

It's gotta be The lines you amend for sure! 
Good idea, but nothing beats Shawn's video concept for this...i don't think
he'll post it though, oh well
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