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Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

I don't really no about anyone else, but I think that people could send
arguments directly to each other rather than thinking that by sending
the mail through SloanNet they might be able to get a following to
validate their opinions.

By the way, to Shawn Morris, you're right, spelling isn't what's
important, it's the thoughts behind the words.  However, at the same
time, some messages don't even make much sense because of grammar and
spelling.  I mean, if you noticed that you made a mistake, the backspace
key isn't so far away.

And back to my first point, before it becomes something for a few fellow
SloanNet-ers to debate --- two different opinions, or three, or four,
are great, but when you state your opinion, then take a second stab,
then a third, that's how 24 of 36 messages I received tonight were on
the same thing.  C'mon, if you want to spar just do it between