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Re: Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

At 02:24 AM 8/13/96 -0400, Ryan wrote:
>And back to my first point, before it becomes something for a few fellow
>SloanNet-ers to debate --- two different opinions, or three, or four,
>are great, but when you state your opinion, then take a second stab,
>then a third, that's how 24 of 36 messages I received tonight were on
>the same thing.  C'mon, if you want to spar just do it between

        Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a forum to express yr
opinions on a certain topic, in this case Sloan. If I'm not mistaken these
"opinions" have been based on Sloan. I could see reason for getting upset if
it wasn't about Sloan or EC at all, but it is. This all comes as part of the
SloanNet package. I would find it rather dull getting strictly messages of
"gee, sloan are great", or "I saw jale last week, they were swell" or "I saw
the new thrush hermit video today, they look goofy". I believe part of this
whole group is expressing yr thoughts and beliefs, and when someone says
something you disagree w/ you can express yr belief on the subject at hand.
I mean what would the list be like w/o someone like geneyus to actually make
you think, and actually put some sort of thought into yr post. Trust me, I
would find this list very dull if it weren't for some of these "spars".
Geneyus (as quite as he is of late) is part of the reason why I'm still
actually on this list, he porvokes thought, and usually says exactly what I
would of said or makes me laugh my ass off. oh well....


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