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RE: more of our stupid noise

On August 13, 1996 Warren Rodericks wrote: 
>They are a four-piece band from Montreal and they have a song on an 
>impact CD samper.. I think volume 10 or 11. I saw them open for the 
>inbreds a few months ago, and some of their songs are pretty good. 
>They  sound quite poppy, but at the same time slow and eerie. Their 
>vocals need a bit of work in some places though. Sorry, but I can't 
>remember what label they're on. You can contact Impact if you want more 

I believe that Goldfish are on Derivative, but I'm not sure.... I too saw
them when they opened up for the inbreds.  I liked them.  The lead singer
kind of reminded me of Mary Timony (I think that's her name) from Helium.


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