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uh-oh, not that topic again.

i can't believe i'm biting off on this, but anyways...

cori writes:

> Look I am not going to get into an argument about this but I want to make 
> two points:

hee hee.  i guess that means i get to make two points too without this
technically becoming an "argument".  :-)

> 1) Which is better - an in-store in August and a show in Sept/Oct or nothing 
> until Oct.? 

hmm.  maybe i'm wrong here, and i think elizabeth will have to speak
for herself on this one, but i thought that she was assuming that it
was just an instore with no other show.  anyway, that's not one of my
points.  :-)

>  Some people are actually excited about getting to see their fave bands up 
> close and personal like that.  They're much more intimate that club shows, 

1) i personally would question that.  my experience is, at both american
and canadian clubs, is that it's much easier to meet people at small 
indie-rock clubs.  i guess it depends on what you mean by "intimate".

> 2) This bitching about "corporate sellout" crap is tired.  Sloan is about 
> the furthest thing from "corporate" that I can imagine. People are WAY too 
> quick about jumping on that bandwagon.

2) i didn't see anyone calling sloan "corporate sellouts", did you?
but jetting into town to do what amounts to a publicity stop is only possible
through corporate largesse and only done by corporate-financed bands.
it's perfectly reasonable and rational to call that a "corporate" rather
than an "indie" thing to do.  how much you want to make of that is up
to the individual, i guess.

ok, those are my two points for cori.  but i have a point for dale
too, and it's this:  if indeed there exist some people who think 
that a record's quality is solely dependent on whether it is "indie"
or "corporate", they would be no more ill-informed than people who
think that issue has nothing to do with it.  the "business arrangements"
(interesting choice of words) "behind" (interesting choice of spatial
metaphor) a record are influential on that final product at every level.

hugging my local mca rep today,
james :-)

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