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Re: The Sloan in-store tour

> I think you should maybe get to know some mca reps before hacking on them...
> All the MCA reps i've talked to have been super nice & helpful to me whether
> it be for the sloan site or for shawn's and my zine. A friend of mine is a
> MCA rep, and he is a really good guy, and a really good rep, who knows what
> he's talking about. 

Come on!

Everyone knows that anyone who works for a major label (bands included!) is A 
BAD PERSON and only capable of doing bad deeds to further their evil agenda. 
If your so-called friends have DELUDED you into thinking that they're not THE 
PERSONIFICATION of EVIL you may be beyond hope.


"It's Evil I tells ya!"
		-Grampa Simpson

More seriously: I do know people who feel this way. They're the sort of people 
who would like to have record stores divided into "indies" and "majors" -- as 
though the business arrangements behind a record determine whether it's any 
good or not. It just burns me up - that's all.

"I just wanted to be Bavarian for one, brief shining moment! Is that wrong?"
							-TV's Frank