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some things

hello sloannet people,

* i was watching Fashion Television last week and was surprised and amused 
to hear jale's emma being played in the background to a story about a woman 
who takes pictures of naked (and near-naked) people.
so, does anyone know what the new jale single is?

* although i loved seeing the video for everything you've done wrong baby 
being shot, i think that the next sloan single (if there's gonna be one) 
should be for the lines you amend, and my video concept is: jay rowing a 
boat and bumping into the other members of sloan as they lie floating in 
the water. i think that that would be really cool.

* my friend and i are taking a trip to halifax and are going to be there 
from this saturday to next wednesday. if anyone can recommend stuff or 
shows to see i would be ever-so-grateful.

thanks so much for your time,
lisa c-w.