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[Fwd: Re: more of our stupid noise]

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bobbie gagnon. wrote:

> speaking of elevator to hell...
> moonsocket, broken girl, and purple knight all sound different from 
>eric's trip unlike the above. i think eth should fill in for whoever 
>has a gaping void for eric's trip...and if eth won't do, listen to some 
>orange glass...
> bobbie

agreed.  but maybe it's just that we're used to hearing rick sing, and 
not julie or chris or mark.

oh yeah, "fireball 500" really sounds like "thieves" (I think it's 
"thieves" anyway) by Ministry.

Noah's Archweld is Noah from hHead, and according to Lee from squirtgun 
(who answered my email), it's Noah's first and only solo material 
available so far.  "X-friend" is such a good song!
The Eric's Trip song is available also on the Warm Girl Derivative 7" 
and the Warm Girl cassettes (if there's any still available).  But the 
..stupid noise version is newer and much, much louder!

Since I've fulfilled my east coast filler obligation (well, hHead is 
Eastern Toronto maybe?), I can now talk about non-ec stuff, right!

The versus song on that more of our stupid noise comp is so good I 
bought the new versus album (Secret Swingers).  It's nothing like the 
forest fire track, it's much more sonic youth-y (I hate -y-ing words!).
I'm getting used to it.

			"sorry bout everything...." (thee suddens), 


P.S.  I'm just curious... does anyone know anything about possible 
future releases on sappy?  I know there's supposed to be a new 
Snailhouse full length in the fall, and possibly and orange glass cd...
It's really to bad the inbreds 7" didn't happen.  oh well - "I'll get 
over it." (guided by voices).  sheesh!

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