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Re: It is a cryin' shame

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, dave bartlett wrote:

> James my man, your so right. Hardship post are one of the best bands to
> come from the east coast if not the best! I tend to be a little bias, I'm
> origanally from NFLD. I never got the chance to see them live and now I
> guess I never will and Thought is very depressing. By the way there is an
> E.P out Called Low Ebb  by Sackville, who are based in Montreal, and are on
> Magwheel Records. Because I'm living in Sackville N.B., I started playing
> them on my radio show for Ovious reasons and then relized that this 8 song
> E.P. is one of the best new bands I've heard in the last year, along with
> Scatching Post, and a band from Ottawa named Sully. If you get a chance to
> see these bands or have Info on Sackville Email me please.
>                                                              Cheers Dave
Ditto on your sentiments about Hardship Post. I barely caught the last 
song they performed at Edgefest 3 which I regret and I was really hoping 
to see their incarnation with Alyson(by the way, did their 7-inch ever 
come out on Squirtgun records?). I wonder what Alyson will do now. Maybe 
she can rejoin Jale(you know, two drummers a la the Wedding Present 
maybe?). Well actually, I like Mike Bellisky's drumming alot so Jale is 
fine with one drummer but I would like to see Alyson continue in music 
because I really liked her songs `Not Happy' on Dreamcake and `Wash My 
Hands' on the Closed E.P.

With regards to Sackville, they are sort of an indie-rock supergroup 
featuring members of Nerdy Girl, Pest 5000 and others. I'm thinking 
buying it. Yes country can be cool. :)